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Girls Let's Build:

A hands-on STEM program


The goal of 'Girls Let's Build' is to increase the girls’ interest in STEM through practical programs and hands-on activities.


The statistics show that in the near future over 70% of the jobs will be in STEM fields. At the same time only 10% of high school girls show interest in pursuing a STEM degree. These indicators show a potential for a wider gap between the (high paying) STEM job market and the availability of qualified women to fulfill these jobs. This will result in an unbalanced workforce and will further deepen the inequality in society.


According to experts, starting at a young age is important. The earlier girls are exposed to engineering concepts, the better.


For 2014, 'Girls Let's Build' is starting in Atlanta, GA with Summer Camps for girls age 4 - 7. The Summer Camps are developed by 'Engineering for Kids® of Metro Atlanta' and hosted by the Atlanta Tech Village.

Additional initiatives are under development and will be published soon.



How to raise a rocket scientist

Project Lead Gender Pay Gap International Women's Think Tank
Project Lead Gender Pay Gap International Women's Think Tank

Project lead: Jenneke Heerink


Jenneke (Jenni) Heerink is a Creative Strategist, with years of experience leading creative teams for large global corporations.

Jenni, born and raised in the Netherlands, lives and works in the USA.


For more information, please contact us.


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