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The Global Aerotropolis Movement and Its Presence in Metropolitan Atlanta

The International Hub within Atlanta Aerotropolis announces its launch on Saturday, November 7, 2015; details about the opening will be posted soon..


What is the Aerotropolis movement?


          The Aerotropolis movement is a 21st century urban and peri-urban development trend that expands the capacity of airports to generate sustainable local, regional, national, and global commercial relations.  Using an airport’s current infrastructure, transportation linkages, commercial reach, and internal collage of stores, restaurants, and hotels as a base, the movement promotes the creation of an innovative Airport City or Aerotropolis.  In the Aerotropolis, the airport’s current commercial and infrastructure network and those corporations already invested in the success of the airport are anchored to governments and businesses in surrounding cities and towns.  As a state of the art commercial and cultural system,  the Aerotropolis promotes international, national, regional, and local business interaction and creates new coordinated “live, work and play” atmospheres that are important to sustained international commercial and cultural exchange.


           The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport serves over 250,000 passengers and moves almost 2,000 metric tons of freight each day. Annual global commercial passenger air travel is expected to increase from roughly five billion passengers in 2010 to 13.3 billion by 2030. Cargo traffic is expected to triple in the same two decades. 

The Atlanta Aerotropolis Alliance is composed of public and private sector organizations. The Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) is one of the partners in the Atlanta Aerotropolis Alliance.  ARC also provides staff support to the Atlanta Aerotropolis Alliance.  Clayton County Board of Commissioners, Clayton County Development Authority, Porsche Cars North America, and Delta Airlines are also partners. 


The International Hub within Atlanta Aerotropolis


          IWTT is working with the various entities involved in making the Atlanta region’s Aerotropolis vision a reality. Towards that end, IWTT is spearheading the development of the International Hub within Atlanta Aerotropolis.

Using the services and space provided by the International Hub, governments, businesses, and organizations can establish their commercial and cultural presence within the Atlanta Aerotropolis. And, local, regional, and national enterprises in the USA also can form commercial and cultural linkages with them.  The International Hub will encourage investment ties, transport of commodities between Hartsfield-Jackson-Atlanta Airport and the Savannah Port, and facilitate movement of goods and services from both into metropolitan Atlanta. Lastly, the International Hub will promote increased sustainable socio-economic linkages between the United States and nations. 


To achieve these goals, the International Hub will offer comprehensive services that 1) expand the presence of governments and international enterprises in the United States, particularly at Hartsfield-Jackson-Atlanta Airport and its associated socio-economic network and 2) create a platform from which local, regional, and national businesses can extend their reach globally. The Hub will assist in bringing the world to the door steps of the Atlanta Aerotropolis. Other service areas include specialized training and tours, portfolio development that enhances economic investment search, management of international development partnerships, networking, coordination of face-to-face economic investment exchanges, events planning, planning of meetings with and preparation of application packages for submission to the World Bank and other donors and Export-Import Bank, and office space for members’ direct representation.

We encourage you to review the websites listed below to gain more background information about the Atlanta Aerotropolis.  




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