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International Women's Day 2014 

"Technology Leadership in the 21st Century Global Economy"
Technology is a powerful tool for change and is expected to have major social, economic and environmental impacts. Women traditionally have not been stakeholders in technology and this Conference was designed to create an awareness of how technology connects people in ways that were previously unavailable and to also explore how new discoveries and technological innovations create global opportunities.


'...Technology is a bridge'.....

See the video with interviews of Kimberly King and Viola Llewellyn (keynote speaker at the event)

















About the Keynote Speaker: Ms. Viola A. Llewellyn

Viola A. Llewellyn was the keynote speaker at the conference on March 8. In collaboration with IWTT she will also develop a (pilot) technology project.


Viola Llewellyn is the Chief Operating Officer of Ovamba Solutions, Inc. Ovamba is a “peer-2-peer” technology platform that creates business loans andinvestments for the Sub-Saharan SME sector from the African Diaspora and global institutional investors. Ms. Llewellyn oversees strategy, daily operations, marketing and business development for Ovamba. She and her team also work closely with investors, diasporan leadership and African Civil Society Groups. Her previous consulting roles have been in the health care, technology, media, education, security and communications fields. 


Consulting clients have benefited from her disciplined fund “back-office” management, communications and portfolio management. She was instrumental in building a $50MM fund for a Washington DC based insurance investment firm where she led investor communications, industry association PACs, marketing and asset management divisions. She has worked on large public sector projects for companies such as Unisys Corporation, IBM, KPMG Consulting, BearingPoint and Rothschild. Ms. Llewellyn brings valuable access via her business and political connections in industries such as energy, agro-business, construction, the legislature, education and banking. 


Ms. Llewellyn is an award-winning entrepreneur and has been honoured by MEA Magazine and Global Woman Magazine for her achievements in business and her contribution to women in global business. She has been a speaker and guest lecturer at Howard University, Alabama State University and George Washington University. The Cameroon Professional Society has invited her every year for the past 3 years as a key speaker. She is also active as a presenter with the African Caribbean Business Council of Philadelphia. President Obama’s White House initiative on HBCUs has recognized her as a contributor to the development of emerging markets, Diaspora business development and cross African/African American student collaboration. Of recent, Ms. Llewellyn headed a trade delegation of 15 US business owners from the State of Pennsylvania to Cameroon and Gabon. 

Thanks to all the participants on International Women's Day in Atlanta!
It was a powerful exchange of ideas from a group of extraordinary women:


Kimberly King, Dr. Jomy Samuel (DeVry University), Viola Llewellyn, Calli Morgan, Manora de Silva


Delores Burgess, The Action Life Center, Heather Rocker, Connie Haynes, Lynn Anderson-Metis Movement, Lady Kate, Founder Miss Africa USA Pageant, Brenda Morant, Maryalice Moses, Chief of Staff, Liberia Consulate-Georgia, Olivia Owens


For more information or if you want to get involved in the IWD event please contact us

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