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Webinar Salary Negotiation
How to negotiate the salary you deserve

Exclusive Webinar:

Salary Negotiation Skills for Women



Provided by Suzette Salandy from Salandy Enterprises Inc.

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Learn to negotiate your salary.

Results of many studies have shown that women are making less than men.  Most women on an average are making 77 to 83 cents on the dollar that men make. 

Are women prepared to come to the table and negotiate their salary and consulting fees? Do we know how to negotiate our terms?  

In this session you will learn:

• Competent salary surveys and accurate data

• Why it's important to know exactly all that you do in the job role

• Understanding your job scope

• Appropriate communication for negotiation of salary

• Successful negotiation strategies

• Do you realize you can also negotiate other things besides salaries, i.e. perks, bonuses, career development

• Statement of work - as a consultant are you covering all the important areas

• Appropriate communication for negotiation of consulting fees


This webinar will leave you with some key tips and tools for negotiating your worth. 

The webinar is conducted by Suzette Salandy, CEO of Salandy Enterprises Inc.  The length of the webinar is one (1) hour with Q&A. 


Connect with the expert

Suzette Salandy is the facilitator of the webinar. As a CEO, Global Human Resource expert, speaker and author, Suzette believes in the philosophy of investing in our human capital. Whether it is a business owner or a fortune 500 company, Suzette works with leaders to ensure they are developing their people through good training, career development and enhancing their talent pipeline. 


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You can register by supplying the payment to the IWTT through the PayPal link on top of this page.

A few weeks before the Webinar is scheduled you will receive the link with all the information to participate in the call. An additional reminder will be sent the day before the Webinar.

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Ms. Suzette Salandy is a native of the beautiful island of Trinidad. Ms. Salandy has worked in human resources for more than fifteen years, focusing on organizational development, change management, training and development, talent management, performance management, employee relations, and executive coaching on an international platform with countries such as Brazil, Dubai, Germany and United Kingdom.

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