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partners with
The International Women's Think Tank

The International Women’s Think Tank is one of a few think tanks dedicated

to issues related to women and girls

Viola Llewellyn

The Tulle-Box TM and The International Women's Think Tank Join Forces to Change How Women Master Their Growth & Leadership Potential

When women come together with a collective intention, powerful connections happen. The Tulle Box TM and the International Women's Think Tank have joined in partnership to empower women and girls with strategies and tools to master their personal and professional lives, business, and hone their leadership skills.

This partnership collaboration will expand their respective platforms and address critical issues and challenges faced by women and girls in a new and more targeted way.  IWTT has a long and illustrious history that has captured young women at critical development points in their lives via STEM and access to global opportunities.  The Tulle-Box TM builds on similar values and concepts that will deliver strategies to women and girls so that they can show up in their lives 'AWARE, PREPARED & READYTM.


Brenda Morant is the Founder of the International Women’s Think Tank (IWTT), a nonprofit organization that stimulates global awareness bout the concerns related to women and girls by promoting research, critical thinking, and innovative solutions to critical issues.  Its motto is “Empower the Woman, Empower the World”.


About The Tulle-Box TM

The Tulle Box TM ( is for women everywhere regardless of age, race, background, culture, ethnicity, occupation, career, or stage in life.  Women are asked to show up as the best version of themselves for each occasion but with the constant changes we experience, it is challenging to update the 'tulles/tools' we used to rely on which might not have kept up with our singularly unique evolutions.  The Tulle-Box(tm) has strategies and concepts that women can self-select to show up AWARE, PREPARED & READY TM at any critical phase or situation in their lives.

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