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Welcome to our website.

The International Women’s Think Tank is a women and girls’ centric think tank that provides a platform to address the critical issues and challenges faced by women and girls.  We encourage and facilitate the discussion of ideas in support of improving the status of women and girls. We also encourage the discovery of solutions to women centric issues and problems. Presently, we are one of a very few think tanks that are devoted to issues related to women and girls.

IWTT’s mission is to Promote Research, Critical Thinking and Innovative Solutions on issues related to Women and Girls.


IWTT actively advocates for the personal and professional enrichment of women and girls of the global community through mentorship, intercultural exchange, entrepreneurship, business development, leadership training and the sharing of ideas.


We work to stay on the cutting edge of issues and will continue to meet and bring thought leaders together to ensure that we provide current updates about current issues. 

The pandemic COVID-19 has been categorized as a disrupter to the norms of life and is a worldwide game-changer.

Using the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals as our guide, strategic opportunity can provide organizations with the opportunity to collectively collaborate and plan to leverage strengths, minimize weaknesses and tap into resources not previously had. Thereby moving closer to achieving the 2030 gender equality Global Goals.

We believe it is time for bold prioritization of resources, time, and space that positions women and girls at the forefront of sustainable and resilient recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

A special note of recognition: Quality education is paramount to the eradication of poverty and its feminisation. I wish to recognize WESTERM HIGH SCHOOL, as being an educational trailblazer for women in the USA. Western is the oldest all-girls public school in the USA, established November 1, 1844. Western has the prestigious recognition of being a National Blue-Ribbon school awarded for its excellence in demonstrating a high level of achievement among its students. The National Blue Ribbon Schools Program is a U.S. Department of Education award program that recognizes exemplary public and non-public schools on a yearly basis.

 IWTT's motto is: “Educate a Woman, Educate the Community, Educate the World”. 

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Dr. Brenda Morant - Founder

Dr. Brenda Morant is a social entrepreneur and a champion of using innovative strategies and solutions to improve people's lives.  


Women continually are recognized as the largest and fastest growing economy. It is important to strategically position ourselves both collectively and individually, to have a greater impact in the economic mainstream. Women must be prepared to participate in all aspects of society. Our impact on the global economy will be historic and have significantly multiplier effects.

Dr. Brenda Morant was appointed by AWHPI Global Foundation to serve as the Director of Equity Development of the AFRICA 2-5-9 PROJECT INITIATIVE.  Click here to read about the Press Release.


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