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Volunteer opportunities

It’s paying it forward!

The success of many of our programs and events depends directly on the spirit and generosity of our volunteers. They are critical partners and participants to the mission and goals of IWTT and IWC. Their spirit of giving back to others, even strangers embeds all of the good things we have received in life. To explore volunteer opportunities with the IWTT and/or IWC, please contact us.


Become a mentor for a STE(A)M talent

(Science, Technology, Engineering, (Arts), Mathematics

The IWTT is building partnerships to develop opportunities and prepare students for successful professions in a rapidly emerging technological world. Help to unlock the potential of a student by becoming:

  • career mentor

  • provide an internship

  • job-shadow opportunities

  • career guest speaker  

  • capital campaign 

  • special events

  • STEM education advocacy

  • career guidance

  • event sponsorship

  • or other partnerships in the STEM education experience

Please submit the form to start your partnership with the IWTT. 

Become a research partner

IWTT contributes to the progress of women and girls by conducting research to examine the status of women and girls and to address opportunities and challenges associated with this research. IWTT also provides concrete suggestions for working with this population. To learn more about becoming a research partner, please submit the form


Become a facilitating partner

Facilitators are needed to help women further develop their leadership and entrepreneurial skills and to also provide forums on women’s issues. Please fill out the form and submit with a professional bio.


For specific questions regarding how to get involved, please contact us.

Get involved with the IWTT

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