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International Women's Think Tank partners with farmers to increase the production of Jatropha-To

Global Green Development Group has recently expanded with a new division, named Global Green Energy. Within this division, Dr. Flowers is the co-creator of a Jatropha-To-Biofuel program that is a Social Impact and Economic Development program designed to lift local West-African farmers out of poverty while creating drop-in biojet fuel for the U.S. Department of Defense and commercial aviation industries.

To accomplish her goal, Dr. Flowers is currently establishing - with foreign investments and USDA support - a biofuel refinery station in the United States. In the near future, the Jatropha Tree Oil will be exported from the participating Jatropha Tree Cooperatives’ Countries (mainly in West-Africa) to the United States to be then refined in the USA. In this way, not only the West-African Communities will see a guaranteed flux of income over an established number of years, but also communities within the USA will see additional employment and revenue opportunities.

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