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IWTT Announces Madam Selamawit Zemene as its Honorary Ambassador to Ethiopia

The International Women's Think Tank (IWTT) is pleased to announce the appointment of Madam Selamawit Zemene as its Ambassador in Ethiopia and Thought Leader in IWTT. Acknowledged for her remarkable

contributions to fostering sustainable cross-cultural business collaborations in Africa, Madam Zemene has consistently demonstrated her adeptness in building professional bridges across diverse national and cultural landscapes. Her achievements, including the prestigious Pan-African American Leadership Award 2023 and the Women Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 Award from the Asian-Africa Chamber of Commerce, attesting to her over 15 years of expertise in entrepreneurship, business development, and management.

In assuming her role with IWTT, Madam Selamawit Zemene will play a

pivotal role in advancing the agenda of women's leadership and climate

justice in Ethiopia under the esteemed leadership of Dr. Brenda Morant,

IWTT's Founder and President. Madam Selamawit Zemene is excited about fostering cross-border collaboration with Ms. Joyce Kibet, IWTT's Thought Leader and Honorary Ambassador for African Women in Think Tanks, based in Nairobi-Kenya. This collaborative effort is geared towards cultivating a synergistic approach to leadership, equity, and climate justice across Sub-Saharan Africa, thereby aligning with the mutual geo-strategic goals envisioned by Madam Zemene, Ms. Kibet and IWTT.

Madam Zemene, holds key positions such as Ethiopian County Chair of the G100 Group of Global Women, the President of the Asian African Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Kenya Chapter, Founder and CEO

of Signum Co. Ltd (Kenya), and Alkebulan Business Group PLC (Ethiopia), Madam Zemene is poised to make substantial contributions to the shared focus areas of IWTT’s initiatives, thereby promoting development,

innovation, and equality in Ethiopia and beyond.


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