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Women and Governance Summit: Leadership for a Sustainable and Equitable World

This Summit is designed around a 2021 Research Study IWTT conducted entitled: "Status and Impact of Women in Think Tank Governance on Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery and Resilience Policy Recommendations".

COVID has had a devastating impact on families, particularly women and children. IWTT believes supporting a nurturing and stimulating environment for youth is fundamental to ensuring that women are economically, emotionally, and socially empowered. Programs that provide opportunities to enhance the growth of youth are ways to further support the empowerment of women. In conducting the Research, we wanted to learn how governments and corporations are addressing policies post COVID through think tanks to improve the economic well-being of women and children. Historically think tanks engage in research and advocacy in a range of areas such as social policy, politics, economics, security, the environment, science, and technology, and many more. IWTT Research findings will be shared during the Summit.


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