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Startup Exchange

The International Women’s Think Tank is one of a few think tanks dedicated

to issues related to women and girls

This weekend I participated in Startup Exchange at Georgia Tech's ImpactHack competition to build a policy solution for the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. I'm excited to announce my group won first place for the challenge sponsored by the International Women's Think Tank!

Our policy proposal was a solution to SDG 3.1, combating the global Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR). This was a great exercise in collaborating with my peers to explore pressing topics for the health and sustainability of our population. I enjoyed building a solution that incorporates my passion for global development and human rights. I'm excited to build on this experience and continue working with different organizations for similar projects!
Big thank you to Kavitha Kuppuswamy and Raahavi Gobenath for your teamwork and cooperation!

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