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Women United

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Princess Dr. Moradeun Ogunlana, and UN Ambassador for Peace is globally recognized as a leader on women empowerment.  She is the CEO of Innovative Global Consulting, an Infrastructure, Agriculture, Energy, Business, and Economic Development corporation connecting businesses in Africa to the World.


She is also the Founder/CEO of African Women’s Health Project International an international non-profit group that focuses on empowering women globally thru access to affordable healthcare, agriculture and cultural developments.


Princess Ogunlana’s commitment to promoting women, nationally and internationally, stems from her decade-long involvement with the Sister Cities International organization, both as a Little Rock Sister Cities Commissioner, and later as a global citizen.


Her dedication to women’s economic empowerment has extended to the global arena, where she provides forums through the Global Council of Women for Development to exchange best practices in accelerating women’s economic progress at the UN level.


Long known for her coalition work, Princess Ogunlana has served on numerous advisory boards of global organizations, such as Fight Cancer Global.

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