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Executive Training

Invest in your success

Companies that invest in women’s employment gain an important competitive advantage, according to the report 'Investing in Women's employment. Good for business, good for employment'.

That's why the IWC partners with high quality training providers, who deliver their services in easy to access Webinars or through exclusive customized training.


Management and professional development

Thriving businesses recognize that management and professional development are valuable assets to their corporate bottom-line. Successful individuals realize that the development of their management and professional skills enhances their individual careers and increases their productivity.


Corporate and Leadership training

Training is a medium by which authentic leadership capabilities can be revealed. While every individual may not be a “natural-born leader”, training can significantly contribute to the manifestation of a leader.


Image consulting

An individual’s image is more than an outwardly physical appearance, but is also connected to other factors including, a person’s self-worth/awareness, behavior and core competencies. Dedicated consultants work with you to tailor an action plan geared towards identifying those components of your image requiring enhancement and development. 



Throughout the year, the IWC has scheduled several Webinars for members and non-members to join.

Upcoming Topics include: 

• Managing Global Teams

• Fierce Conversations: How to Be Heard

• Cross Generational Teamwork Leading through Team Dynamics 

• Work/Life Balance

• Vernal/Non Verbal Communication Connection: The New        Currency (Networking) 

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Creating your WOW (Personal Branding)


Get your motors engaged in an electrifying process that will create a unique you that others will want to follow and notice.  


Salary Negotiation Skills for Women


You will learn the key tips and tools for negotiating your worth.  

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