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Girls Are Having Fun with STEM

Girls Let’s Build is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) program initiated by the International Women’s Think Tank (IWTT). The goal is to increase girls’ interest in STEM through practical programs and hands-on learning experiences.

Summer camps this year were offered to girls’ ages 4-7 years of age in Mechanical Engineering and LEGO Robotics. Each student constructed a toy that demonstrated the difference between potential energy and kinetic energy and using LEGO’s students created a robotic arm with a spinning top. They were taught computer literacy skills and how to operate their creations by using a laptop computer. These activities also helped students to cultivate their fine motor skills.

Girls Let’s Build has generated much interest and we have received several requests to increase the types of programs offered to include coding. We have also received requests to partner.

Grateful thanks to Atlanta Tech Village for providing the classroom space for our camps. Scholarships were provided by IWTT. Visit our IWTT Facebook Page.

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