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The International Women’s Think Tank Will Host the Nigerian Quintessential Women’s Association Trade

The International Women’s Think hosted The Nigerian Quintessential Business Women Association (QBWA) in Atlanta, Georgia. QBWA brought a delegation of 27 women from Nigeria to include Ms. Shimite Katung-Founder/President of QBWA, Ms. (Dr.) Sarah Jibril-The Special Adviser to the President on Ethics and Values and Her Excellency, Hajiya Jummai Babangida Aliyu, The Wife of the Executive Governor of Niger State represented by the Honorable Commissioner of Women Affairs Hajiya Hassana Jummai Adamu as well as rural women who operate in the local markets with products.

QBWA was in Atlanta, Georgia on September 29th through October 3, 2014.

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Partnerships that QBWA sought with IWTT’s facilitation engaged Georgia’s universities for research and testing in cosmetics, packaged foods and other products (including solid minerals like jewelry in gold, coral beads, sapphire, etc). It is QBWA’s desire to build a manufacturing plant in Georgia, which would provide an economic “win-win” for both countries.

QBWA has uniquely organized women co-ops into an economic empowering business model that has global application. To this end IWTT and QBWA has partnered to globally link women together through QBWA’s co-op business model and a Sustainable Development Goals 21st Century Development Plan. This Plan can be global in nature while taking into account different national realities, capacities and levels of development and respecting national policies and priorities.

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“When you gather women together concerning family matters as it relates to economic growth no matter what their culture may be –you will always find a winning outcome. I am very pleased to be a part of this great movement of women and economic development” said Dr. Hill; Special Advisor to QBWA.

QBWA also attended the October 3 IWTT Summit on the Status of Women in Georgia to network and showcase products made by their members. Their presentations showed attendees how QBWA’s holistic model/training can be used to effectively transform a family, add to the economic engines of their communities and globally link women together for healthy social and economic empowerment.

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