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Ambassador Thandi Lujabe-Rankoe, IWTT Adviser on Human Rights

The International Women’s Think Tank is pleased to announce that Ambassador Thandi Lujabe-Rankoe has agreed to assume the position of IWTT Adviser on Human Rights, Conflict Resolution, and International Relations. Having successfully completed three high commissioner posts in Tanzania, Botswana, and Mozambique (1995-2009), she returned to South Africa’s Department of International Relations and Cooperation Academy to train the next generation of international representatives.

Ambassador Lujabe-Rankoe currently engages in efforts to strengthen southern Africa’s involvement in global problem solving, girls’ education and women’s empowerment, and continental African and southern African regional development. She recently served as southern Africa’s Ambassador for Malaria Eradication, a campaign sponsored by the South African public and private sectors to promote health education. The campaign’s specific goals were to expand malaria education, reduce malaria, and improve treatment offered to malaria victims. Private-sector organizations included Rio Tinto and Nandos.

IWTT Adviser on Human Rights, Conflict Resolution, and International Relations

Ambassador Lujabe-Rankoe looks forward to increasing IWTT’s linkages with Africa, particularly in trade and commerce, educational exchanges, and people-to-people dialogues. She encourages women to enter all facets of economic and political development and more trade missions between African nations and the USA.

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