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IWTT Executive Committee on Status of Women and Girls

Although women have made some advancement in the past few decades, there remain significant challenges for women when it comes to issues of leadership, economic security, education and health.

October 3, 2014, the IWTT convened a Summit with leaders to discuss issues facing women and girls in Georgia. Discussion topics primarily were education, economic security factors, leadership and health. These discussions explored the challenges facing women and girls. The goal of the Summit was to organize a Strategic Planning Committee that would determine best ways to engage groups and individuals to build momentum and to determine best practices on improving the well-being of women and girls. The Committee would also develop a 21st Century Action Plan that can be implemented to improve the quality of life for women and girls in Georgia.

An Executive Committee’s has been formed and their role is to oversee and guide


the progress of developing a 21st Century Plan that will recommend best practices on improving the well-being of women and girls in Georgia.

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The Committee’s first meeting was November 6, where the decision was made to have a December Strategic Planning Session to develop a Strategic and Comprehensive Plan. Focus areas of the Strategic Plan are listed in the order of priority:

Economic Security




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