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There is an African proverb that states that it takes many calabashes to fill the water pot. That is to say that any effort done through collective work makes not only the job easier, but encourages cooperative behavior, understanding, the exchange of ideas and camaraderie for positive outcomes.

I joined the International Women's Think Tank because it is a synergistic group, meaning that the effect of a collection of these women will be very productive. I wish to enhance my network and broaden my knowledge. I believe that when women come together to take proactive action for change in the lives of women and girls, such collective effort will yield constructive and effective consequences.

Membership will allow me to have a sense of security and trust among my peers. I will not only learn new things from the other women, but will also share meritoriously my own skills with the body.

Dr. Uwa Onyioha-Osimiri

Founder/President, African Women Economic Consortium (AWEC)

Delegate to the United Nations - Africa's Most Senior Religious Leadership

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