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Brenda Morant appointed as Special Adviser to President KV Kumar of the US India Foundation

Brenda Morant, President/CEO of The International Women’s Think Tank has been appointed as Special Advisor to Mr. KV Kumar, President of the U.S. India Foundation (USINF).

The USINF is committed to advancement of Indian community's economic development and entrepreneurship skills through empowerment of Indian-owned businesses, growth of Indian chamber of commerce network and promotion of life-long learning experiences for Indian youth and entrepreneurs. The foundation's broad-based approach is coupled with pro-active strategy, which is reflected in the diverse number of USINF-driven programs created to reach consistencies of all age groups and needs. To fulfill this mission, the USINF Foundation builds alliances, partnerships and collaborative efforts to link Indian entrepreneurs of all ages to educational programs that will develop and enhance their critical thinking, leadership and entrepreneurship skills.

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