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How Money Works

“It’s ironic that we live in one of the wealthiest countries in the world, we always have money problems. We can work hard all our lives but retire poor. We do so much to raise our kids just to see them finish college with a lot of debt. Debt becomes a way of life. We don’t have much, and we don’t know much. Nobody teaches us how to manage our money in school. Financial issues are not often discussed, and financial products are not always explained.”

The goal of the “How Money Works” financial seminar series will increase your attention, interest and understanding into financial matters as the basics of how money works. With this program, participants will learn how to:

Make money work better

Find and save money

Understand investments and build wealth

Protect and preserve wealth

Participants can become their own money manager.

Financial Concepts & Principles:


Financial Foundation

Wealth Formula

Tax Categories

Rule of 72

Four Corner Stones

Financial Solutions:


College Planning

Debt Management

Increasing Cash Flow

Building Wealth /Asset Accumulation

Retirement Planning

Wealth Preservation/ Estate Planning

Let’s get financially literate and become our own money manager...

*Saving Your Future by Xuan Nguyen

To register and access to this event click "How Money Works"


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