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IWC Career Center

The International Women's Center (IWC)

The International Women's Center is the IWTT’s Leadership and Training Platform. The IWTT believes that training is a valuable tool for women’s empowerment and opening the doors to leadership for women will greatly impact the world’s economic and social outcomes. 

Exclusive and customized training options are provided for women who want to advance their career, are starting a (new) career, or women who are looking to strengthen or expand their business. 
As women everywhere step into leadership roles, working to improve their communities, and contributing to innovations in science, the arts, business and governance; ultimately becoming “agents of change"; IWTT will continue to bring together sector leaders for best advice, insights and practices.


Executive Training

Several training options will be provided for women executives who would enjoy support through mentoring, coaching and leadership development. Read more >


For Entrepreneurs: how to grow your business

The IWTT will host a series of hands-on Women Owned Small Business Workshops hosted by The U.S. Small Business Administration; Instructor is Ms. Charlotte Johnson, Economic Development Specialist. Read more >


Career planning during College

As women are planning for their future, the IWTT supports girls in their choices for a STEM career. Read more >


Creating your WOW 

(Personal Branding)


Get your motors engaged in an electrifying process that will create a unique you that others will want to follow and notice.  






Get certified as a Woman Owned Small Business


This workshop will provide a clear guide on how to get certified.  


Salary Negotiation Skills for Women


You will learn the key tips and tools for negotiating your worth.  

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